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About that ‘Iron Man 2′ Comic-Con footage

2009 August 11

It’s really a lot of nothing. In fact, it’s a tease without being a so-called teaser trailer.

And I mean that in the best way possible. By now, you might be asking, “What in the world could you possibly mean by all that?”

So, it’s 5 minutes 13 seconds long, but it essentially gives you nothing. (Go to this link and watch it so we’re on the same page. I’ll wait.)

Back? Good. See what I mean?

Except for showing us the first moving footage of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson [briefly] looking pretty slinky and deadly), Sam Rockwell as a slimey Justin Hammer and what possibly could be Don Cheadle as War Machine, there’s nothing in this footage we haven’t seen or heard about so far.

Director Jon Favreau smartly put the Nick Fury footage at the beginning; that gets the fans pumped for what’s to come — but I bet it’s about all we’ll see of Sam “The Man” Jackson in “Iron Man 2.” (Go here for my thoughts on why I say Jackson may be the “ultimate fanboy actor.”) This is probably more of a tease for “The Avengers.” (Read this CCC blog for what I think of the proposed film roster.)

The Congress scene may be somewhat spoiler-ish. But it’s not, actually.

Honestly, who didn’t think the government wouldn’t take Tony Stark to task after the former weapons manufacturer admits he’s Iron Man? For the record, I didn’t buy Garry Shandling as a congressman, but after seeing this I’m sold. This scene of course highlights Robert Downey Jr.’s brilliant way of delivering lines in his idiosyncratic, stream-of-consciousness way and getting to see Stark flirt with Pepper Potts. And what “Iron Man” fan doesn’t want to see that? — That’s exactly why Favreau made sure it was in there.

Of course, we get to see Mickey Rourke as Whiplash. Really — tell me you didn’t already expect to see that footage. <Shakes head, rolls eyes. Shakes head again> And I hate to be a told-you-so (Hmmmm, sometimes!), but if you’ve read my blog on predicting the IM2 race track sequence, or better yet, the first couple pages of TALES OF SUSPENSE No. 45, you kinda knew what was coming.

That’s NOT to say Favs won’t blow us away in ways we wouldn’t expect. I mean c’mon: Look at the phenomenal cast. This baby’s going to rock!

I’m sure the Congress content will be an IM2 subplot, but this leaked footage truthfully doesn’t clue us in on the overall plot or what roles Hammer, Black Widow, Whiplash and War Machine will play. We’re left to guess. The Comic-Con footage — most of which we’ll see again and again when Marvel Studios starts crankin’ out the “real” trailer(s) — doesn’t provide much insight into the plot, much less the money shots. It gives us just enough to whet our fanboy appetites and make us wonder what else we’ll see come next May. And that’s it — nothing more, nothing less.

But isn’t that exactly what great teaser footage is supposed to do?

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